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We are ISNetworld, Avetta, and PEC Compliant.

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Tray-Tec provides turn-key catalyst services. 


Tray-Tec's focus is our commitment to providing superior catalyst services for our customers.  Our industry experienced team of supervision, coupled with our highly trained technicians, advanced equipment and completing every project safely; makes this commitment possible.


Some of the Catalyst Services we provide include:

  • Catalyst Unloading
  • Gravity/wet dump
  • Fixed bed vacuum unloading
  • Catalyst and support material screening
  • Inert (IDLH) and non-inert entry
  • Tube sheet air-lance catalyst removal
  • Tube sheet fish-tape
  • Catalyst Loading
  • Fixed bed inert (IDLH) and atmospheric loading
  • Fixed bed sock/dense loading
  • Primary reformer tube dense loading
  • Video monitoring and inspection
  • Dense Loading
  • Bolting, Blinding and Mechanical
  • Hydraulic torquing and tensioning
  • Hydraulic nut-splitting
  • Inlet/outlet head removal
  • Vessel isolation blinding
  • Internal tray repairs, demolition, and install

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