What We Provide

Learn about the services we provide here at Tray-Tec

Other Services

Some of the other services we provide include but are not limited to:
- Trays & packing installation
- Random & structured packings
- Blind to Blind turnaround work
- Opening and closing external and internal manways
- Performing routine vessel maintenance work, such as tray cleaning, hardware replacement 
- On-site tray repairs
- Nozzle installations
- Vessel inspections
- Supply of replacement hardware & tower internals
- Crane support
- Confined Space Rescue Teams
- Chemical neutralization
- Hydro 3D blasting
- External/Internal Scaffolding
- Torquing
And more!

Core Principles


We put safety above all else and ensure our employees follow the proper guidelines for every project we handle.

Quality Control

From start to finish, we go through rigorous quality control steps to ensure the best service & product


We plan the projects ahead of time to ensure efficiency and safety with no exceptions.

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